WEAR PAJAMAS WHILE REMAINING SEXY You just have to match comfort and glamor when you decide to buy a new one.

Silk pajamas are not refusal

Because yes, “pajamas” and “sexy” are not incompatible concepts. You only have to see all these stars, like Rihanna, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters or Jessica Alba, who adopted her as daywear. Today, this nightwear is available in many soft and silky fabrics while remaining chic. Exit our old deformed companion or with little girl’s motifs, instead of the softness of the silk, the pleasant touch of the satin, the lightness of the cotton or the delicacy of the lace. Jacket and pants, pajasuit, little lace camisole with trousers with matching or full details, the brands compete to offer us a thousand and one options to find the sexy and comfortable pajamas we need. Let’s not forget the coordinated little accessories like the bathrobe or the pretty kimono, the little ballerinas or mules, or even the socks (prefer the high ones) for the more chilly ones. All you have to do is choose your new night gear!



Hello girls, I am very happy to meet you on this new post that talks about nightwear woman to sleep well and stay stylish … until bed.

Why a good choice of nightwear is required for all ladies? The goal is not only to sleep like a baby, but especially to be fashionable even in your bed. Still, you had to add that you had to make this subject a real headache in case you go to sleep with your man for the first time. Therefore, some criteria of choice of nightwear should be considered as your morphology, style and material.

Everything is allowed to go to sleep whether for a solo night (my case for the moment … ha ha ha), a sexy night or hot with your darling, a pajama party with girlfriends, a night of sweet dreams … Now, you must try to choose a night outfit in which you feel comfortable for a restful sleep (very useful for dealing with the day). In fact, a good part of the sleep is conditioned by the quality of the garment so its choice should not be made in a hurry.

As much to tell you that you must consider mainly the material that has been made your nightwear. Other tracks are still to take into account as your morphology and the style of your outfit so that you can spend a good night. This is how you would be beautiful and refreshed when you wake up.


Unlikely mode except at 8:15 when you take your children to school. We all did it no … Or am I there alone … ? No, I can not be the only one. Booooouuuh crying point

It is THE trend of the moment, the one we saw on the catwalks of the Gucci, Loewe or Etro spring-summer 2016 catwalks and seen on the street during Fashion Week.
To believe that it is me who launched the trend of the Sleep’Streeting Mode at 8 o’clock the morning. I will finally be able to prove to the whole world the universal value of my morning taste, my innate sense of style endowed with that Parisian nonchalance that makes the whole world dream.

When the chic of the room goes down the street, between queens of glamor, we can only understand each other. But concretely how to wear pajamas during the day?

Put a sleep (not to be confused with a slip) (I say that in case) (ooh it goes eh) wear in the street in broad daylight in front of everyone as real outfit? Hmm. It would almost look like that awful nightmare where you only realize you’ve been to school when you’re in slippers or naked.
The mad dinos of fashion, however, seize their most intimate paraphernalia and I can tell you that the trend is about to settle down severely.

At Paul Smith for example, generalized cardiac arrest at the parade, during the passage of this ultra-simple silhouette: men’s jacket + white shirt + pyj ‘silk trousers + derbies. Explosive. And completely portable.